Domestic (Partner) violence comes to the workplace. Is your organization prepared to respond? 1 in 3 women and 1 in 7 men experience partner violence—watch the video below and listen as survivors explain the reality.

Did You Know?


of U.S. workplace violence events are related to partner violence


of employees have known a coworker who was a PV victim or perpetrator


of abusers report having easy access to their intimate partner’s workplace

How We Help

  • Recognize the importance of job security & financial stability to survivorship
  • Respond by establishing a safe & supportive workplace culture
  • Inspire employee productivity, minimize risk, & promote employee well-being
  • Recognize the equity issues in hiring survivors of IPV
  • Respond by incorporating current best practices in policies & procedures
  • Inspiring a paradigm shift in attracting, training, & retaining talent; becoming a best place to work
  • Recognize the signs of IPV
  • Respond appropriately through supportive conversation & providing meaningful tools and resources
  • Become a champion & changemaker at work

What We Provide

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The weight of partner violence is unmistakable in the workplace.

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