Your membership starts with a conversation. We help you get started along the pathway to addressing partner violence in your workplace by learning more about your organization and the people you employ. And then we dive deep to develop an action plan that fits your unique needs.



Creating a workplace policy is the first step in addressing partner violence in the workplace. Whether you have a policy in place that could use some work or are starting completely from scratch, our partner violence policy consultants can provide you with a roadmap of next steps.



Partner violence shouldn’t be a silent threat. Our flexible training programs educate business leaders, HR professionals, managers and staff on the dangers of partner violence, while empowering them to speak up and put a stop to its effects in your workplace.



“STANDING FIRM’s work shows the very real economic impact partner violence has on companies. They provide practical advice to coworkers, supervisors, executive leaders, and subordinates about actions to take if they suspect a colleague is either a victim or a perpetrator of partner violence. STANDING FIRM’s work shows that partner violence is systemic in society and not only is it important to address the issue to promote the company’s future success, it is clearly ‘the right thing to do’.”

-HR manager at a large, international manufacturing company

Stand alongside the hundreds of employers in the fight against partner violence. Become a STANDING FIRM member today.

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