Policy Templates

STANDING FIRM has policies ready-made so you don’t have to spend a lot of time writing something from scratch.

Policy Development Consultation

Need some help? Schedule a policy development consultation and we can help you design a policy that best fits your organization.

Policy Checklists

Prefer to develop your own policy or have an existing policy already in place? STANDING FIRM can provide a checklist of important components that should be included in a well-written domestic violence policy.

Workplace Violence Policies

You do not want your first thoughts about protecting your employees to occur when there is an intruder with a weapon in your front office. Situations in which the intruder is a violent current or past partner of an employee present special circumstances that must be considered. Wise employers will have a plan in place ahead of time.

Developing a workplace violence policy ensures that managers and staff are aware of effective steps to:

  • Recognize threats related to partner violence before an event happens
  • Prevent entry to a violent intruder
  • Take action when an intruder is on your premises

Planning Ahead

There are a number of steps that an employer can take ahead of time to prevent and/or prepare for the eventuality of a violent intruder in the workplace.

If you have a workplace violence policy and set of procedures already in place in your organization, review it to make sure that recommendations suggested here are included. If you don’t have a policy or procedures, consider developing one.

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