We know that:

  • About one in four same-sex relationships have experienced PV
  • About one in four heterosexual women experience PV in their lifetime
  • Straight and gay victims experience similar patterns of abuse, with some notable differences

Characteristics common in PV in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships:

  • A cycle of physical, emotional and psychological mistreatment may occur, where the perpetrator uses isolation, fear and guilt to manipulate the victim
  • Perpetrators often have experienced violence as a child
  • Occurs regardless of education, race, religion or socioeconomic status
  • Perpetrators use threats to keep their victims silent

Distinctive differences in same-sex relationships:

  • Gay or lesbian batterers may threaten to “out” their victims to work colleagues, family or friends
  • Lesbian and gay victims may be less likely to report abuse to legal authorities
  • Gay and lesbian victims may be more reluctant to seek help out of fear that the society will perceive same-sex relationships as inherently dysfunctional
  • Gay and lesbian victims may be more likely to fight back than heterosexual women

Additional Resources for LGBTQ Community

Persad Center, Inc

Persad Center, Inc. is the nation’s second oldest licensed mental health center specifically created to service lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Visit Their Website

Domestic Violence in Gay and Lesbian Couples

The goal of this website is to assist efforts to aid and support those trying to remove themselves from abusive situations and build healthier, stronger lives. For individuals, we hope to provide general educational and reference material as well as a comprehensive nationwide directory of services for “one stop shopping”.

Visit Their Website

Same Sex Partner Violence Myths

Download the PDF Report

Report on Intimate Partner Violence in the LGBTQ Community

From the National Coalition of Anti-violence Programs

Download the PDF Report

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