Question #1

My company has great security. No one can get in the door without being cleared by security. Do I need to worry about PV-related violence?

Over one quarter of PV-related homicides of female employees in U.S. workplaces between 2003 and 2008 occurred outside the building in the parking lot. Violent perpetrators know exactly what their victims’ work schedule and workplace situations are, and will do what it takes to get to victims there.

Question #2

We are a very small company where everyone knows everyone. Do I need to worry about PV-related issues in such a small company?

Over half of PV-related homicides of female employees in the U.S. occur in workplaces with fewer than 20 employees. If employed victims do not know how you will respond to a PV-related issue or threat, they will not tell you what is happening to them. If your other employees don’t know how you’ll respond, they won’t tell you what they know or suspect.

Question #3

My employees are mostly male. Why is it important for my company to join STANDING FIRM?

Although men also can be victims of partner violence, statistics show that most perpetrators are men. Employed perpetrators use company resources (phones, cars, email) and work time to harass and threaten their victims. They often work distracted, so coworkers and customers are potentially in danger from accidents caused by preoccupied workers. One perpetrator told the story of operating a crane while screaming into his cell phone at his wife—narrowly missing a coworker on the ground.

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