Decreases worker productivity:

A STANDING FIRM survey documented:

  1. 38% of surveyed employees have known a coworker who was a PV victim or abuser;
  2. 82% of these employees believe the working environment was affected negatively by their coworkers’ involvement in PV;
  3. Many employees themselves are/have been PV victims (24%) or abusers (9%);
  4. Their involvement in PV at home negatively affected their ability to work (65%). This sample of regional employees also believed it is important for employers to address PV as a workplace issue (83%).

PV-related loss of productivity is estimated at $727.8 million yearly and more than 7.9 million paid workdays are lost by victims each year. Employed PV perpetrators use company time and resources to engage in abusive behaviors at a distance and appear also to demonstrate reduced productivity and increased absenteeism at work.

Increased healthcare costs:

The health-related costs for rape, physical assault, stalking and homicide by intimate partners exceed $8 billion a year.

Workplace Violence:

Twenty-seven percent of workplace violence events each year in the U.S. are related to partner violence, putting everyone in that setting at risk, employees and customers alike, and costing U.S. employers 6.7 billion dollars per year.

Take a Stand against Partner Violence

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