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In a 2013 study conducted by STANDING FIRM, 86% of over 400 employed adults said it is important for employers to address PV as a workplace issue; 83% said they would have a positive attitude toward an employer that put a PV awareness campaign in place. As competition for high-value employees increases, position your organization as one that is aware of and savvy about this key health and safety concern.

It’s the right thing to do

Virtually every employer engaged with STANDING FIRM has revealed that taking a stand in support of employees surviving partner violence and investing in the protective environment the workplace affords is simply the right thing to do. It’s right for a whole host of other, important reasons as well but for an employee experiencing the trauma of a dangerous relationship, knowing your employer will stand with you and offer the kinds of assistance needed can mean all the difference. Take action in your role as a business leader because it’s the right thing to do – for the well-being of your employees, and your community.

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What is Partner Violence

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Impact on the Workplace

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Employees Who Batter

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