Methods that PV perpetrators use to control their partners are:

  • Psychological abuse
  • Physical violence
  • Isolation from friends & family
  • Sexual violence
  • Financial control
  • Interference with ability to work

You cannot guess who might be a victim of partner violence: It could be anyone.

Research has shown that partner violence occurs in all economic and cultural segments of the population, regardless of educational level, age, occupational level, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, geographic location, or religion. Some demographic groups, however, have a higher risk including:

How Employers Can Help

Employers play a vital role in addressing partner violence (PV) in their workplaces. When an employer is prepared, proactive, and knowledgeable about partner violence, its employees are more productive and the workplace is safer. STANDING FIRM enables employers to: STANDING FIRM enables employers to:

• Learn strategies for responding safely to partner violence-related workplace concerns.
• Create a plan for a safe, confidential response to workplace threats and performance disruptions.
• Access information about services available to victims and perpetrators.
• Encourage the workforce to speak up when PV-related workplace threats occur.
• Respond effectively to employee PV-related performance issues.
• Understand the cost savings and safety enhancements of communicating about PV directly to employees.
• Know when and how to refer employees for outside help.

Take a stand against partner violence. Join STANDING FIRM today.

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